Friday, May 1, 2009


Many of you who have ever come to our house have been graced with the presence of Chapman. Our pitt/lab rescue mutt, he is quite possibly the most interesting dog I have ever encountered.
Briefly I will tell you an experience I had with Chappy a few months ago that forever changed my life.

I was in the back yard hanging with our dogs when I noticed Chapmen running around dragging his butt and noticed something hanging from his it. Well it was a rope which was slowing moving through his system (Chapmen had ate a rope). After the immediate shock I realized something needed to be done. So as I searched for the nearest towel to pull the rest out Chappy continued to run in circles ( the situation was chaotic to say the least).

This is were the story gets even weirder. As I ran back out side I discovered chapman pulling the rest out of his butt and reswallowing the rope back down again to start the process all over again.

If you have a chappy story feel free to share it!!!

Next year Q&A

The tallies are in and the Q&A questions are:

1. REVELATION II: A Christie and Deb study

2. What happend to People before Christ?

3. A study on Hermenutics: A Jacob and Mac conversation!

4.Why Pray?

5. My Personal Favorite: Do Dragons exist(Job 3:8)

6. Spiritual Warfare: Testimonies

7. What God wants vrs. what we want!

Had a great year with you guys this year look forward to hanging out with yall again next year.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Email

So morale at work has been a little low so in attempts to cheer everybody up I instituded some new policies to create a little office unity.

here is a copy of the email:

"Recently I have noticed a couple of things in the office sloppy dress and poor fashion sense, so I have decided to enforce a few new policies.

1. Mandatory Mustache Mondays
2. Ugly Tie Tuesdays

Your compliance is not an option, even if you cannot grow a Mustache you must wear fake one. If you do not meet these minimum requirements you will be fired.

One warning you will receive a verbal spanking
Second warning is a caning
Third is expulsion

If you need a visual aid I have prepared myself as an example.

Thank you for your compliance"

Well everbody got a good laugh and it helped a little, but then my director realized I had sent this new office policy to our VP of student affairs on accident. Needless to say I immediatly had to make a retraction of our new policy, and office Morale was at an all time high at my expense especially when he wrote back to say he had been doing this for years.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm just sayin' all.: Peru Update

I'm just sayin' all.: Peru Update

Organic Leadership

Recently Summit college ministry took a beach retreat were we spent a weekend getting to know one another in preparation on going to Peru. It felt as if the students really did seem to connect to one another and to the ministry as a whole, in fact many spontaneously started worshiping together on the back porch Saturday evening. But really something that stuck out in my mind was this; that a few of the students we were hanging out with in passing asked who did what at Summit church. Why was this exciting because in spite of having a intimate weekend with college students they could not pick a singular leader. 

Summit college ministry really has the joy of having several leaders who share much of the responsibility each functioning in his or her own abilities. A number of factors contribute to this 
1. made largely of volunteers everybody has to play a part to get things done.
2. Young leadership (average age of leadership being under 30)  requires reliance and help from the Lords provision of other leaders for wisdom and confidence. 

What are some of the benefits and scriptural references for organic leadership. 
1. Christ is the head of the Church and deserves all glory and praise rather than individuals. Ephesians 5:23-24
2. Being looked at as a body rather than an individual is a much better way of showing Christ. Romans 12:12-35
3. As individual leaders we are much more easily picked off by Satan putting leaving churches dependent upon personalities in chaos.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Orleans Mission Trip

Reflect Bible Study:John 2:1-12

As we study through John the book seems to become more and more precious as the Spirit shows us more of Jesus. 

After Jesus is filled with the spirit and begins his ministry by picking his first disciples we see Jesus perform his first miracle. Turning water into wine which at first glance seems to be a small miracle in comparison but as we discovered is and was incredibly important and symbolic. 

This small miracle performed only for a few servents gives us a clear picture of Jesus intentions and purposes were. 

Jesus in turning water into wine is making a Comparison of Himself  to Moses. Moses first plague was similiar but much different in turning water of the nile into blood. 

Jesus/Grace Giver

River/into Blood

Law/Always bloodies things up
Grace/Always brings Joy

Understanding the Heart of Legalism is important because it is how the world defines the church. We must understand what it is to live in Grace and to share it with the world.