Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Email

So morale at work has been a little low so in attempts to cheer everybody up I instituded some new policies to create a little office unity.

here is a copy of the email:

"Recently I have noticed a couple of things in the office sloppy dress and poor fashion sense, so I have decided to enforce a few new policies.

1. Mandatory Mustache Mondays
2. Ugly Tie Tuesdays

Your compliance is not an option, even if you cannot grow a Mustache you must wear fake one. If you do not meet these minimum requirements you will be fired.

One warning you will receive a verbal spanking
Second warning is a caning
Third is expulsion

If you need a visual aid I have prepared myself as an example.

Thank you for your compliance"

Well everbody got a good laugh and it helped a little, but then my director realized I had sent this new office policy to our VP of student affairs on accident. Needless to say I immediatly had to make a retraction of our new policy, and office Morale was at an all time high at my expense especially when he wrote back to say he had been doing this for years.