Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reflect Bible Study:John 1:29-34

The baptism of Jesus is a unique picture that shows us the Humanity of God and is a perfect module of what we can hope for. 

Leviticus 8 describes a priests threefold anointing. 
1. Water baptism
2. Oil anointing
3. Blood anointing

Jesus fulfills two of these in this chapter. 
First Water baptism which was an example for us because Jesus knew no sin. Second in a sense an oil anointing which is a picture of the Spirit for us. As Jesus is being baptized the Spirit falls on Jesus and stays on him. 

Jesus shows us what it is to live a life in the Spirit, and that Jesus in the flesh needed to be filled with the Spirit as do we. Immediately afterwords Jesus begins his public ministry. In this we can also understand that one of the works of the Spirit is for the empowerment of ministry. Acts 1:1-8 confirms that Jesus Spirit filled life and the Power He received, as well as Jesus being the first fruits of the Baptism of the Spirit. 

If we are not experiencing Christ exalting Power in ministry, as in lives being changed, and people being saved. Then we should turn to Lord in repentance and ask to be filled and baptized in the Spirit. 

Reflect Bible Study:John 1:19-28

The testimony of John the Baptist was this, "I am not Jesus". 

John the Baptist gives us a unique picture of what it was to be a "voice". It is an especially important passage for the evangelist to which we all are called in a time when there are so many voices out there. 

John witnessed in the "I am not"
1. I am not your King
2. I am not your Healer 
3. I am not your Judge
In approaching witnessing from the perspective of John the baptist we are able to Elevate  Christ and move ourselves out of the picture.