Friday, May 1, 2009


Many of you who have ever come to our house have been graced with the presence of Chapman. Our pitt/lab rescue mutt, he is quite possibly the most interesting dog I have ever encountered.
Briefly I will tell you an experience I had with Chappy a few months ago that forever changed my life.

I was in the back yard hanging with our dogs when I noticed Chapmen running around dragging his butt and noticed something hanging from his it. Well it was a rope which was slowing moving through his system (Chapmen had ate a rope). After the immediate shock I realized something needed to be done. So as I searched for the nearest towel to pull the rest out Chappy continued to run in circles ( the situation was chaotic to say the least).

This is were the story gets even weirder. As I ran back out side I discovered chapman pulling the rest out of his butt and reswallowing the rope back down again to start the process all over again.

If you have a chappy story feel free to share it!!!

Next year Q&A

The tallies are in and the Q&A questions are:

1. REVELATION II: A Christie and Deb study

2. What happend to People before Christ?

3. A study on Hermenutics: A Jacob and Mac conversation!

4.Why Pray?

5. My Personal Favorite: Do Dragons exist(Job 3:8)

6. Spiritual Warfare: Testimonies

7. What God wants vrs. what we want!

Had a great year with you guys this year look forward to hanging out with yall again next year.