Thursday, October 23, 2008

Reflect Bible Study:John 2:1-12

As we study through John the book seems to become more and more precious as the Spirit shows us more of Jesus. 

After Jesus is filled with the spirit and begins his ministry by picking his first disciples we see Jesus perform his first miracle. Turning water into wine which at first glance seems to be a small miracle in comparison but as we discovered is and was incredibly important and symbolic. 

This small miracle performed only for a few servents gives us a clear picture of Jesus intentions and purposes were. 

Jesus in turning water into wine is making a Comparison of Himself  to Moses. Moses first plague was similiar but much different in turning water of the nile into blood. 

Jesus/Grace Giver

River/into Blood

Law/Always bloodies things up
Grace/Always brings Joy

Understanding the Heart of Legalism is important because it is how the world defines the church. We must understand what it is to live in Grace and to share it with the world. 

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